Carved Monkeys Bracelet


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The disc in this bracelet is made of serpentine, wich is a natural stone from Ecuador, we carve it carefully by hand to get the Monkeys on it, they have a deep meaning for ecuadorian indigenous people, they’re a omen of peace & patience, they provide mental and spiritual balance to the one who wears it.

This product belongs to the SAVAGE X ECUADOR COLLECTION, it was created in 1996, with the time we have adapted it to the color and fashion trends.

It’s one of our emblematic collections with which we begin to share the beauty of our country Ecuador with you around the world.

950 Silver, serpentine & black leather.

Size: 18 centimeters

Please detail your wrist measurement in the purchase order.

Designed & handmade by Byron Ushiña in Ecuador.

This is an authentic ARIU STUDIO® design.

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